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We believe B2C means Business to Community.

When corporate sponsorship is activated well and properly measured, it creates a lasting and impactful way for businesses to be in consistent and meaningful relationship with the communities they serve. This is why corporate sponsorship continues to grow year over year, at a faster rate than other forms of marketing and advertising. When seeking corporate sponsorship as a source of funding, prepare to create win-win-wins: wins for the corporate sponsors, wins for your organization, and most importantly wins for the tribe you and the sponsor share and serve. Sponsorship Success Guide is here to assist you by creating customized strategies or to train your team how to create them for years to come.  Become a Savvy Seeker. Start securing corporate sponsors today! 

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Corporate Sponsorship Consulting

Have an upcoming event and having trouble securing corporate sponsors? If you have already created a sponsorship proposal, letter, and list of contacts and can’t determine where the disconnect is, let’s set up a time to go through it together. 

Corporate Sponsorship Strategy

Don’t have time to build a strategy from start to finish? Not even sure what your corporate sponsorship strategy should include? We will perform a complete assessment on your property, develop your corporate sponsorship proposal, and provide a list of companies and contacts that want to create win-win-wins with you.

Corporate Sponsorship Training

Wish you had corporate sponsorship experts on your team that can develop and implement strategy, sell sponsorship, activate and report flawlessly? Invest in your team and have expertise at your disposal for years to come when you hire us to teach them how.

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