Your Expert In Securing Corporate Sponsorship

Rule #1: A sound sponsorship strategy is key.

Hey, Hey! I’m Anetra Henry, Chief Corporate Sponsorship Strategist, Founder of Sponsorship Success Guide, and an expert in sponsorship strategy. You’re here because you or someone on your team needs help securing sponsors for your event(s) and/or organization.  What fun, right? Not if you aren’t really sure what you’re doing.  To become successful securing corporate sponsors, you must develop and implement a strategy that is unique to your organization’s mission. So, no, that sponsorship letter and package you copied from Google won’t work. 

That’s where Sponsorship Success Guide comes in. We are here to help.   As your Chief Corporate Sponsorship Strategist, I have over a decade of decision making experience for the corporations I worked for. I’ve negotiated, managed, and measured six-figure activations with partners like The Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders.  As a savvy seeker, I have developed and implemented sponsorship strategy leading to securing over $400K in corporate sponsorships for the professional association and other nonprofit organizations I served last year. I’ve had success on both sides of the corporate sponsorship ask. You can have similar results by working with me and my team.  Discover if:

  • You are seeking in “sponsorship season”
  • Your property and marketing strategy are appealing to corporate sponsors
  • You are priced competitively
  • Your tribe is clearly defined
  • You are offering what corporate sponsors need, want, and care about
  • You can reasonably deliver on what you’re promising to corporate sponsors

By becoming a savvy corporate sponsorship seeker, you will learn how to determine return on investment for you and your sponsors, measure success, and create win-win-wins for your sponsors, your organization, and your tribe.

To get started, gather your documents, write down your questions and schedule a consultation.

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