The main goal of sponsorship is to connect with your ideal client where they play, work, and serve. While there is value in sponsoring something that isn’t audience specific, doing so would better fall under charitable donations. The Hunting Group will help you find opportunities to connect with more of your ideal clients so that you have a measurable outcome from strategic sponsorships.

How I Work:

  1. Identify your customer persona(s).
  2. Determine the operational goal(s) a strategic partnership will aid in achieving.
  3. Connect with sales and marketing staff to audit your influence and engagement.
  4. Research and target sponsor opportunities that align with your audience and goals.

Services + Capabilities

  • Audience analysis
  • KPI Establishment
  • Partner Negotiation
  • Performance Monitoring + Analysis
  • Relationship Management
  • Marketing & Promotional Strategy
  • On-site Sponsorship Direction
  • Post-Activation Assessment
  • In-house Sponsorship + Event Marketing Training

To save time, I’d like to have a good understanding of your goals before moving forward. Please let us know about your project and goals by completing our sponsor questionnaire below.

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