How I Took A Stressed Out Association Who Hated Sponsorships, And Turned Them Into A Sponsorship Machine In An AFTERNOON…

Hey, my name is Anetra Henry and I’m a southern girl with a knack for to-the-point sponsorship and operations strategy, but that’s not how it’s been.
As a matter of fact, when the responsibility of creating sponsorship strategy was handed to me, I cringed. I already had 500 other things to do because I was a Director of a well-known spa.
How could I fit developing a strategy, determining who our spa would sponsor along with my other job duties into an already jam-packed schedule?
How could I make my load lighter by recruiting my team to also support me in this process?
How could I manage INCOMING sponsorship requests and choose the right opportunities so that our dollars got the best ROI for our spend?
PHEW….It was all too much. But I figured it out.
I was able to successfully BE a sponsor and measure our success, positioning my company for greater visibility and credibility.
Because of these experiences, I have helped countless brands get sponsors and have matched them with corporations that leverage event marketing and strategic partnerships as part of their marketing strategy. I help brands shape up their operations and marketing so that they are ATTRACTIVE TO SPONSORS and so that they can DELIVER VALUE so that they can GET SPONSORED AGAIN AND AGAIN.
Here’s the thing though…I was employed full-time, and now I do this for paying clients that have at least part-time if not full-time staff.
How can this be done by a member organization with a volunteer board that’s already pressed for time?
That’s where the Sponsorship Success Guide for Associations comes in. Let me show you how.
Last fall, I attended a cause-related marketing conference that my local marketing association participates in. As the VP of Sponsorship of this organization, I was especially interested to see what things people were doing in the cause space. I was a happy-go-lucky attendee, minding my business, and enjoying learning at the same time.
I met lots of non-profit organizations but one woman, someone we’ll call Julie, and I hit it off. It turns out that her organization helps fund some of the major charities for illnesses we all know about. Their mission is to benefit as many of these organizations as possible without padding their wallets.
I was hooked in…
But how could Julie and her staff of part-timers work to get sponsors?
How could they take their marketing, and their team, up a notch to make the most of what they had at their fingertips?
How could they not only get sponsors, but KEEP sponsors?

I created a strategy to help them win at recruiting, securing, and retaining sponsors. 

In ONE four-hour session, we:

  • Conducted a SWOT analysis
  • R.E.P.O.’d the SWOT
  • Determined assets and activation points
  • Developed a pricing strategy
  • Identified and classified various corporate targets

After this session, they had a step-by-step instruction manual on how their team would recruit, secure, and retain sponsors along with all supporting documents.

Most importantly, within a week, the organization booked meetings with potential sponsors!

This is huge because it meant what they learned in this training WORKED.

And it DOES work, after all, by following this system I’ve been able to land:

  • Nearly $200K in sponsorships for the San Diego chapter of the American Marketing Association
  • $25K in sponsorships in associated San Diego ComicCon events in 30 days
  • Positioned Medical Research Charities to receive a minimum of $150K in sponsorships for their organization

The Sponsorship Success Guide is a guided training program that you go through with your association’s board to help you complete the same steps Julie did to whip her sponsorship programs into shape so that she could go home with her kids and not be spending her free time begging sponsors to look at her proposal.

In the Sponsorship Success Guide, I take you through self-study exercises to prepare your association for a power session that allows you to work together to build out a sponsorship and marketing strategy that works.

You get:

  • Strategy to help you figure our your associations sponsorable opportunities

  • Help for outlining your sponsorship proposal

  • Association workshop curriculum so you can pull together ideas in an organized and productive way

  • Tools to help you contact decision makers that WANT to sponsor you

  • 60-minute strategy session with me to review your sponsorship program and help you to tweak it and win with sponsorships

For-profit organizations hire me for $10,000 a day to teach them these strategies. It is a passion and pleasure for me to come to them and take them step-by-step through how to do it with the paid resources they have.  For a cash-strapped organization that relies on volunteers, this could be pricey and maybe impossible.
” I can’t say enough about our experience working with the Hunting Group. They helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses; opportunities, and then developed an insightful analysis with detailed instructions on how we should proceed. Integrity, intelligence, accessible, committed. Impressive.”
Larry Cummings

CEO, Medical Research Charities

“It’s exciting…. to hear from someone as skilled as Anetra, Her ability to maximize the positive outcomes for both partners in a sponsorship relationship offers any marketing professional a much needed tool for growth.”
Rachel Harrison Brown

President Elect, American Marketing Association-San Diego Chapter

Solve your association’s sponsorship woes. 


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